When Jesus’ friends came to the empty tomb that first Easter morning, the disciples were running in the dark, racing each other, up to some holy horseplay. Nope. No Jesus. The guys didn’t stick around the emptiness. Why should they? But Mary decided to stay. Maybe she felt she couldn’t leave the emptiness. Maybe thereContinue reading “Emptiful”

The Secret Message of Easter

Last Easter my son (three years old at the time) went to church looking for Jesus. Before entering the sanctuary, he knelt at the wire cross filled with flowers, took a yellow carnation from the white plastic bucket sitting on the ground, and added the flower to the cross. Then he yelled out, “I don’tContinue reading “The Secret Message of Easter”

Bipolar Hallelujah

While in a church office sorting through a worn cardboard box full of VHS tapes (big, black plastic rectangular boxes with film inside) I stumbled upon an unopened, still sealed in plastic-wrap VHS titled: mental illness and the church. The creators of this resource were decades ahead of their time (so much so, that theContinue reading “Bipolar Hallelujah”