Breaking the Silence Takes a Village

We’ve heard the wisdom it takes a village to raise a child The same is true about breaking the silence about mental illness…it takes a village. Mental health awareness and advocacy is a people’s movement. It is the collective voices of our multiple villages uniting for better mental health. It takes a village speaking outContinue reading “Breaking the Silence Takes a Village”

Blessed are the Crazy home movie

This 65 second short film artfully created by SALT Project represents in so many ways their mission to “reclaim and share the beauty of Christian faith through film, photography, music, poetry, and ideas.” Liz Myer, SALT’s Creative Director, took what is too often hidden and shameful and turned it into something beautiful and hopeful. SeeContinue reading “Blessed are the Crazy home movie”

Crazy out of the box

This is a big week of firsts in my household: first and only child that I birthed starts kindergarten first book that I wrote arrives in the mail My son started out this week declaring he quit school (even before it began) and came home after his fist day proclaiming he was in love, inContinue reading “Crazy out of the box”