Killing Kelly on Moral Monday

What will killing Kelly Gissendaner on Moral Monday mean for America? It will mean that a southern state, this time Georgia, plans to execute by lethal injection a woman who didn’t even kill anybody. For conspiring to kill her husband, Kelly got the death sentence while the actual killer (a man by the name ofContinue reading “Killing Kelly on Moral Monday”

Crazy Terrorists?

Recently I heard a well respected Muslim scholar of Islamic studies speak on the topic of the growing threat of the terrorist group ISIS. Her perspective as an academic who is also an observant religious person helped the audience better understand what it’s like for her to defend her faith daily. She said that whenContinue reading “Crazy Terrorists?”

Crazy Real Love

When the person you love is diagnosed with a severe mental illness it feels like betrayal. In the aftermath of the first episode, once the shock wears off, we want to scream: I did not sign up for this *crazy* life! If traditional marriage vows were exchanged in the relationship promising fidelity “in sickness andContinue reading “Crazy Real Love”