The Cross of Mental Illness

The life-size wooden cross in the middle of the sanctuary at Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis is draped in purple and beneath it sits a bucket of nails. For the 40 days of Lent the cross represents both a reminder of God’s activity in the world and an invitation to realign our lives ifContinue reading “The Cross of Mental Illness”

Blake’s Blessing

Blake Brockington blessed us. In the face of bigotry, transphobia, racism and ignorance, Blake blessed us by standing for the right to be fully human. When Blake was crowned the first transgender homecoming king at his Charlotte, North Carolina high school, Blake blessed us with hope that the world was changing, becoming more accepting andContinue reading “Blake’s Blessing”

Crazy Strong

The people I know who live with mental illness and their family members are crazy strong. By now you know that I use the word “crazy” with intention. Here it means what my New England friend calls “wicked,” as in “that’s wicked awesome,” not as in the witch of the West. Crazy strong are thoseContinue reading “Crazy Strong”