Eating the Monsters of Shame and Stigma 

Up in the game room (the second floor of a two story barn outfitted with an old Indianapolis 500 pinball machine, pool table, ping pong table and Ms. Pac-Man arcade game) I bonded with my brother Scott during an afternoon gobbling up monsters on Ms. Pac-Man and volleying the ping pong ball back and forthContinue reading “Eating the Monsters of Shame and Stigma “

New Revised Wild Goose Version

Underneath the fuchsia, violet, green and blue French braids, the spiky mohawks, the luxurious beards, the shaved heads and the dreadlocks…there’s something stirring within and among the gathered ones at the Wild Goose Festival. It’s not the Spiritual But Not Religious crowd. And it’s not the Nones, the Unaffilated or the Dones. It’s something different. Continue reading “New Revised Wild Goose Version”