Monthly Archives: July 2015

Blessed are the Crazy; 

A little punctuation mark is getting a big following; the semicolon. As part of the movement to break the silence about mental illness and end the stigma, Project Semicolon is a social media campaign worth sharing.

This brilliant faith based project has jumped off the small green and onto our bodies. Semicolon tattoos are popping up everywhere; I’m even thinking about getting one. But I struggle with whether or not I want to permanently etch into my skin what is already burned into my heart. 

I confess in my book that sometimes I try to forget about mental illness, seeking to escape it for awhile. If I had a semicolon tattooed on my body, how would I be able to pretend mental illness doesn’t exist? I know it’s delusional to consider, but like other hidden diseases, sometimes I want to pass for “normal,” meaning no drama and no craziness.

Yet the crazy in the blood, the mental illness in my family, is real. I feel as if I have semicolons running through my blood; the desire for me to survive mental illness and for all my loved ones to make it through this life as survivors. 

My whole body is a semicolon; my whole life. Do they make tattoos that big?

I’m headed to the Wild Goose Festival and I hear there’s a tattoo tent there; maybe a semicolon will jump on me…in a place I can’t see it. 

Who is Burning Black Churches?

What the arsonists of the Black Churches may not realize is that we who are in the Christian tradition, though we may worship in separate houses of God, we are ONE church. So when you burn down Black Churches, you are burning down MY CHURCH.

When you set fire to a Black Church, you are destroying the WORD OF GOD because, don’t you know by now, that Black Churches are home to Bible studies, prayer meetings, youth leadership training and spiritual revivals?

Black Churches are not just filled with Bibles and prayer cards, but with holy and sacred space for the gathering of Beloved Community. The building itself is sacred and holy because within its walls God has heard the cry of God’s children and people have been transformed and saved.

As a White clergy woman, I cry out: STOP BURNING OUR CHURCHES! These Black Church burnings are cowardly and disgraceful and surely as God is all knowing, God sees this behavior as abominable.

God wants the Black Church burnings to stop. God wants whoever is responsible to repent, turn themselves in, and seek forgiveness and reconciliation.

God wants the arsonists to know that when you burn a Black Church, you are destroying God’s Holy Temple. And it must stop now. For God will hold you accountable for all of your deeds, those done in the daylight and those done in the secret of night.