God of the Depressed

On Tuesday, January 19, I offered a prayer on the steps of the Indiana State House as part of a community interfaith prayer service. The invitation said they needed a woman faith leader who could pray as all the dozen or so faith leaders speaking so far were men. I offered this prayer as aContinue reading “God of the Depressed”

The Rape of Lady Democracy

Trigger warning: references sexual assault::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: On the evening of January 6, 2021, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi referred to the US Capitol building as the “temple of democracy.” As a Christian, I’ve been taught that my body is a temple. Part of what I am feeling the day after the assault on our democracyContinue reading “The Rape of Lady Democracy”

A Haunting Hope

How can we hold onto hope when we are haunted by the past? Choose your haunting. The year 2020 alone provides plenty of personal, national, and global hauntings to choose from. Is it the carefully tended to death of your elderly loved one under the care of hospice that haunts you? Is it the horrificallyContinue reading “A Haunting Hope”


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