From Chalice Press: Why We’re Publishing “Blessed Youth” and “Blessed Youth Survival Guide”

This was originally posted on Chalice Press, here. Nearly 20 percent of high school students seriously considered attempting suicide last year. Almost 10 percent acted on those thoughts and attempted suicide. These statistics, reported in April by the Center for Disease Control, became part of the life experience of Rev. Dr. Sarah Griffith Lund when her 16-year-old nieceContinue reading “From Chalice Press: Why We’re Publishing “Blessed Youth” and “Blessed Youth Survival Guide””

The Beatitudes of the Pastor

1. Blessed is the pastor who embraces simplicity and sharing her lifestyle because her witness gives birth to the realm of heaven. 2. Blessed is the pastor who does not fear to water her face with tears, so that in them can be mirrored the sorrows of the people, the fatigue of the ministries, andContinue reading “The Beatitudes of the Pastor”

Mental Health and Spirituality

Mental health encompasses all of who we are in mind, body, and spirit. Yet, too often we talk about mental health as if our brains are detached from our bodies and our souls. This limited understanding led me to wonder what a mental health informed spirituality would look like. Put another way, what can mentalContinue reading “Mental Health and Spirituality”