The Shape of Love

Love takes many shapes. It can be like the groove worn by a steady stream of water into a canyon bed.  It can be majestic and powerful like the great mountains of the Earth. It can be fleeting and fragile like a snowflake.  The shape that love takes often surprises me. With my face intoContinue reading “The Shape of Love”

To Our Dying Mother: A Letter to the Planet

Reader’s Note: While walking on a winter hike in the woods at Brown County State Park in Indiana with my husband, I had the clear feeling that the woods represented an ancient woman whose glorious beauty was casting it’s shadow upon us as we made our way through the woods. In the context of climateContinue reading “To Our Dying Mother: A Letter to the Planet”

Blessed are the Crazy: Part Three

I love how the book cover turned out! Simple everyday items that can be found in many homes: shoes, a family bible, and bottles of prescription pills all inside a box. Each of these symbols come to life in the book. Sometimes we want to keep a lid on the box, covering up what’s inside.Continue reading “Blessed are the Crazy: Part Three”