Bipolar Hallelujah

While in a church office sorting through a worn cardboard box full of VHS tapes (big, black plastic rectangular boxes with film inside) I stumbled upon an unopened, still sealed in plastic-wrap VHS titled: mental illness and the church. The creators of this resource were decades ahead of their time (so much so, that theContinue reading “Bipolar Hallelujah”

A Prayer for Supernatural Power

Before the baby was born, prayers were whispered into the night that this new life would enter the world gently, safely, and surrounded by love. This was so. Thank you God. In the early years of baby food, diapers and tantrums, prayers were whispered into the night that the little one would grow to loveContinue reading “A Prayer for Supernatural Power”

The Man Who Wanted To Pray

It sounds so unchristian of me, a Christian minister, but one time I actually called the cops on a man because he came to church…a man who came to church during a psychotic episode. And it broke my heart to make the call. This man first came a week earlier to talk with me inContinue reading “The Man Who Wanted To Pray”