Breaking the Silence

We met at Taco Bell during a rainstorm. My brother and I grabbed a bite to eat before attending a program that night hosted by NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness). After eating burritos and a Mexican pizza, we headed to Windermere Union Church for the program. This was their fourth year hosting the annualContinue reading “Breaking the Silence”

Don’t Stop Living

I was on suicide watch for someone who was thousands of miles away. After hanging up the phone, I couldn’t stop thinking about what my father said. From his words and from the sound of his voice, I knew that his despair was so immense, so consuming; my father lost his desire to live. IContinue reading “Don’t Stop Living”

Summertime Highs and Lows

People seem to understand feeling blue in the winter time. Lack of sunshine, low temperatures, long days stuck inside…kind of sounds like Florida summers! When it is really hot out, and thunderstorms block the sun’s light, entire populations are stuck inside where freezing air conditioners blast us silly. This is why certain Floridians wear sweatersContinue reading “Summertime Highs and Lows”