Blessed are the Crazy home movie

This 65 second short film artfully created by SALT Project represents in so many ways their mission to “reclaim and share the beauty of Christian faith through film, photography, music, poetry, and ideas.” Liz Myer, SALT’s Creative Director, took what is too often hidden and shameful and turned it into something beautiful and hopeful. SeeContinue reading “Blessed are the Crazy home movie”

Crazy for the First Time

The first time I saw my dad acting crazy it was in the kitchen. He stood in his white, v-neck undershirt and black slacks in front of the open refrigerator door. With his head tilted all the way back, his hand lifted an entire gallon of milk up to his mouth. And he guzzled itContinue reading “Crazy for the First Time”


When Jesus’ friends came to the empty tomb that first Easter morning, the disciples were running in the dark, racing each other, up to some holy horseplay. Nope. No Jesus. The guys didn’t stick around the emptiness. Why should they? But Mary decided to stay. Maybe she felt she couldn’t leave the emptiness. Maybe thereContinue reading “Emptiful”