And a little dog shall lead them

I remember the first time someone pointed out that d-o-g spelled backward is g-o-d. And at the time I probably thought that the person was a little nutty.

But now I’m really starting to wonder if there *is* something to it, like a divine connection between humans and dogs.

My brother recently adopted a rescue dog from a no kill shelter. This dog could fit into a microwave (just a guess). And it’s some sort of terrier mix from Miami named Cuco.

And I think this dog has some god-like qualities. For starters, it stays right with my brother and if given the choice, it would much rather be near his heart than left outside.

Another god-like trait is that at night, if he hears my brother having a nightmare, he snuggles in close and comforts my brother with all kinds of little kisses.

For anyone who suffers from emotional or psychological distress, a companion dog can be the closest we get to the incarnation of a compassionate god.

The god that I’m thinking about is a god of comfort, compassion, and faithfulness…a god that won’t let you out of sight and is right there to lick your wounds…whether that be a broken heart or a broken mind.

It’s true that this little dog is not as smart as god…and it’s far from perfect.

But I think God was smart in creating little things in this world, like babies and dogs, to help show us some kind of love just when we need it most.

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