Crazy out of the box

This is a big week of firsts in my household:

first and only child that I birthed starts kindergarten

first book that I wrote arrives in the mail

My son started out this week declaring he quit school (even before it began) and came home after his fist day proclaiming he was in love, in love with school and in love with the little girl next to him in the lunch line.

So it is with things we birth and creatively bring into fullness of being. My book also resisted conformity at first. After all, how do you fit crazy onto the page?

Yet once it is done, the door opened and entered into, the manuscript completed and sent to the printers, it is totally worth it.

And I feel so blessed to know that what was first molded and shaped in my body’s womb and the womb of my mind is now out in the world: crazy and blessed.


Published by Sarah Griffith Lund

Leader, preacher and author of *Blessed are the Crazy: Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness, Church and Family*

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