Saint Prozac

I found an altar at the Albuquerque airport. It might be blasphemy to call a merchandise display at a gift store an altar, but what it contained was holy to me. There, hiding (out of shame?) among all the saints on a string was Saint Dymphna. The icon description on the back says, “Saint Dymphna:Continue reading “Saint Prozac”

THE mentally ill

I know nice guys named Ned and Brad, so forgive me if this idea stinks. But I’ve been wondering about using household names like NeD (Neurological Disease) or BraD (Brain Disease) instead of the loaded and long name Mental Illness. Thanks to my friend Brad Lyons who shared with me this article that challenges allContinue reading “THE mentally ill”

And a little dog shall lead them

I remember the first time someone pointed out that d-o-g spelled backward is g-o-d. And at the time I probably thought that the person was a little nutty. But now I’m really starting to wonder if there *is* something to it, like a divine connection between humans and dogs. My brother recently adopted a rescueContinue reading “And a little dog shall lead them”