A Prayer for Supernatural Power

Before the baby was born, prayers were whispered into the night that this new life would enter the world gently, safely, and surrounded by love. This was so. Thank you God. In the early years of baby food, diapers and tantrums, prayers were whispered into the night that the little one would grow to loveContinue reading “A Prayer for Supernatural Power”

The Devil is in the Diagnosis

The nurse asked me to bring a Bible to the psychiatric ward. It was the summer of my seminary training as a hospital chaplain in Honolulu at Queens Medical Center. I was the on-call chaplain that night. Through a long maze of dimly lit and deserted hospital corridors, I reached what seemed to be aContinue reading “The Devil is in the Diagnosis”

Just Try Harder Lecture

What you don’t expect a child psychiatrist to say to your son: “What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you work as hard as your sister? Why are you so lazy? You just need to try harder.” “Trying harder” is harder than you think when you suffer from a mental health disease. There is stuff goingContinue reading “Just Try Harder Lecture”