Let the Light In

Today millions of Christians around the world will lower their heads in prayer, be marked with a sooty cross, and begin a 40 day season of purposeful spiritual reflection. On this day we collectively acknowledge our mortality. When I think of the fleeting nature of my time on earth, it makes me want to liveContinue reading “Let the Light In”

When Dad is Mad

Some dads get mad. They have short tempers. They shout and make angry faces. Mad dads sometimes spank to get their point across. Mad dads don’t like to be crossed. Some dads get mad (as in angry) while they are also mad (as in crazy.) This would be my dad. The thing is, to beContinue reading “When Dad is Mad”

5 Ways Depression is Like Facebook

5 ways Depression is like Facebook: 1. It is everywhere. It is common and pervasive in our society. We haven’t yet understood the full and long term impact it is having on us, but growing numbers of children and youth are living with it. 2. It takes up an enormous amount of our time andContinue reading “5 Ways Depression is Like Facebook”