And a little dog shall lead them

I remember the first time someone pointed out that d-o-g spelled backward is g-o-d. And at the time I probably thought that the person was a little nutty. But now I’m really starting to wonder if there *is* something to it, like a divine connection between humans and dogs. My brother recently adopted a rescueContinue reading “And a little dog shall lead them”

Sliding towards Christmas

I’m thinking about what it feels like to slide. Imagine sliding down a playground slide: feeling pure delight, feeling carefree and on top of the world. Remember how it feels to go down a really awesome slide? Again and again? But there’s always that bad slide ride. I’m thinking of times when the slide isContinue reading “Sliding towards Christmas”

Don’t Stop Living

I was on suicide watch for someone who was thousands of miles away. After hanging up the phone, I couldn’t stop thinking about what my father said. From his words and from the sound of his voice, I knew that his despair was so immense, so consuming; my father lost his desire to live. IContinue reading “Don’t Stop Living”