Crazy Strong

The people I know who live with mental illness and their family members are crazy strong. By now you know that I use the word “crazy” with intention. Here it means what my New England friend calls “wicked,” as in “that’s wicked awesome,” not as in the witch of the West. Crazy strong are thoseContinue reading “Crazy Strong”

Crazy Brave

It was midnight and tears kept coming. All I could think about is how puffy my eyes would look in the morning. And the other thing I couldn’t get out of my head was the image of my brother Scott in his long khaki pants, sweat-drenched tee-shirt, jacket and ill-fitting shoes wandering around my sister’sContinue reading “Crazy Brave”

Killing Kelly on Moral Monday

What will killing Kelly Gissendaner on Moral Monday mean for America? It will mean that a southern state, this time Georgia, plans to execute by lethal injection a woman who didn’t even kill anybody. For conspiring to kill her husband, Kelly got the death sentence while the actual killer (a man by the name ofContinue reading “Killing Kelly on Moral Monday”