When God Cries

Desmond Tutu’s beloved children’s book God’s Dream describes a young boy who cries when he realizes that his selfish actions have caused a rift in a friendship with a classmate. Tutu writes that God cries, too, when we hurt others and are ourselves hurt. I’m taken by this sentiment of God crying with us; andContinue reading “When God Cries”

Clergy in the Closet

It’s not pleasant to think about the minister you know and love checking himself into the psych ward after church. After all, earlier that day he was on fire: his sermon was passionate, he baptized a whole family that joined the church and then after two worship services he taught confirmation to the largest classContinue reading “Clergy in the Closet”

World Mental Health Day

What does a world look like where mental health is treated with as much urgency, compassion and care as heart health or breast health?  What does a world look like where no matter what your income, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, education, or legal status you could access affordable and excellent mentalContinue reading “World Mental Health Day”