And a little dog shall lead them

I remember the first time someone pointed out that d-o-g spelled backward is g-o-d. And at the time I probably thought that the person was a little nutty. But now I’m really starting to wonder if there *is* something to it, like a divine connection between humans and dogs. My brother recently adopted a rescueContinue reading “And a little dog shall lead them”

Sliding towards Christmas

I’m thinking about what it feels like to slide. Imagine sliding down a playground slide: feeling pure delight, feeling carefree and on top of the world. Remember how it feels to go down a really awesome slide? Again and again? But there’s always that bad slide ride. I’m thinking of times when the slide isContinue reading “Sliding towards Christmas”

Facebook (almost) Killed Leo

Leo is not his real name. But there are many like him. Leo flips through Facebook and sees something that makes him want to vomit. Now a number of things on Facebook on any given day may cause a gag reflex. But for Leo, this one was the worst. It was personal. It’s Leo’s ex…photographedContinue reading “Facebook (almost) Killed Leo”