Guardians of Sweet Boys

I wonder if Mary and Joseph were guardians of a sweet boy. The Bible is pretty quiet about Jesus’ childhood. I wonder if baby Jesus’ sweetness stuck around during his boyhood. My hunch is that the big-hearted man who shared compassion and love with the hungry, widowed, and poor started out as a big-hearted boy.Continue reading “Guardians of Sweet Boys”

Power, Money, and Control in the Church

Our churches have a leadership crisis when it comes to power, money, and control. When power, money, and control are threatened, then church leaders risk behaviors that perpetuate toxic cycles of abuse. Decisions, policies, and behaviors that seek to protect the church may actually be driven by a fear of losing power, money, and control.Continue reading “Power, Money, and Control in the Church”

An Open Letter to The Crossing Church

Your pastor and I both preached in my hometown on homecoming weekend about Jesus on Sunday, October 13, 2019. We did our best to share a message of compassion and hope to the people God entrusted to us at our two different churches across town from each other. My sermon was about the story ofContinue reading “An Open Letter to The Crossing Church”