From Chalice Press: Why We’re Publishing “Blessed Youth” and “Blessed Youth Survival Guide”

This was originally posted on Chalice Press, here. Nearly 20 percent of high school students seriously considered attempting suicide last year. Almost 10 percent acted on those thoughts and attempted suicide. These statistics, reported in April by the Center for Disease Control, became part of the life experience of Rev. Dr. Sarah Griffith Lund when her 16-year-old nieceContinue reading “From Chalice Press: Why We’re Publishing “Blessed Youth” and “Blessed Youth Survival Guide””

Mental Health Blessings

Every day this month, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I’ve posted a simple string of words onto my Facebook page with the hashtag Mental Health, “People with ____ are loved by God #MentalHealth.” The response has been overwhelming, with people loving, liking, caring, and sharing with friends. It turns out that many ofContinue reading “Mental Health Blessings”

Shame: The Bully on the Mind’s Playground

Over an omelette breakfast a friend and I agreed that shame is a barrier to wellness. Why shame? Because shame cuts away at our sense of dignity, and wounds our identity.  The shame commonly experienced around mental illness is real and I’m not sure how we totally get rid of it. But I’d like toContinue reading “Shame: The Bully on the Mind’s Playground”